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I have not always been known as "organic io". I have gone through a long series of nicknames to get where I currently am   :)

When I originally started composing, I released songs under the name "plikt", named after the character from the Orson Scott Card novels. This was around 1998-2000.

Around 2000, I decided to go by "i/o organic industrialism". This was great, except it was really long, and computer forms and filenames don't like the slash. Also I was concerned that people might think I write only industrial music. (Which I don't think I've ever written any?)

So I wanted to go by simply "io", but decided it was TOO short for usernames and google searches.

Around 2004 I settled on "DJ i/o". This was short and reflected my DJ background. The slash was optional since it still didn't work well with forms and filenames.

Around 2008, I decided the "DJ" part sounded like too many generic electronic musician's names.

so...   "organic io" was born. Not to short, not too long, no slash. And it fits me well. And I'm gonna keep it this time!