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Throughout my music, you will see other artists or band names I have been associated with. Here are credits for those folks in order of appearance:

Cami - Principal vocal collaborator for many years.

Mile's End - A band from late 2003-2004. Band members were: Ray (Rhythm guitar), Leon (Jazz guitar), Cami (Vocals), Scott (Piano), Tremain (Drums)

Lugnut - A music friend from way back, I remade his song "Collision Course" in 2004

Jinx aka jihnsius - Another friend from way back. I originally met him playing the video game "Descent". We had music production in common and kept in touch for many years. He was a good friend, and I only just recently found out he passed away. Rest in peace my friend.

Soltre (2006, 1st lineup) - The original Soltre lineup was Mike (Guitar), Cami (vocals), Scott (Piano and Trombone), and Richard (Drums). We recorded the "Loose change" demo and a couple other things

Soltre (2006-2007, 2nd lineup) - The second Soltre lineup was Cami (vocals), Taylor (Guitar), Ron (Bass), Brooks (Drums), Scott (Piano and Trombone). We never recorded any studio stuff but we had several live performances.

Rob Williams Jnr - My friend and fellow songwriter in the early days of SDCompo. He hasn't been as active in the music scene for a while, but I keep pressuring him for a comeback   :)

Mick Rippon - A legend in the tracking scene, it was an honor to work with him on our song "Inhale" for SDC Round 013.

ambtax1 - My good friend Paul who I've collaborated with on many songs.

Disco Calienteness - The first group name for projects done by ambtax1, Cami and organic io.

Refive - Was a collaboration between tenfour, CAG, RobWilliamsJnr, ambtax1, and organic io.

Evolutionary Cell - The new group name for projects done by core members organic io and ambtax1, and mixing/mastering done by Airmann, if we don't forget to download your masters from the ftp! Sorry about that!!!

Airmann - My good friend Matthias. He did the mix/mastering for a couple of songs so far and hopefully many future songs! Also did the mastering for the SDCompo 5 year anniversary DJ Mix.

CrossBit aka Jake Ryan - My buddy Jake, we did a song in Sunvox together - "Lose CTRL"

Thomas - My local friend and guitar jamming expert  :)  We did some collabs, most notably "Slow Burn", and also a bunch of live improvised stuff.

Dash by Choice - The name for me and Thomas when we did our song "Vapor Trails", and reserved for any future projects which we do collaboratively   :)

Bio-EA - The name for collaborations with my good friend Nil, aka A-Lin. We did the song "Mio Mio" where I sing in French. Hopefully it won't be our last    :)